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Note: I was working on a book review late last night but one of my daughter was really sick so I couldn’t finish the review.  I thought I share these helpful videos by Christian apologist Anthony Rogers.

The Doctrine of the Trinity is foundational to Christian thought.  Christian Anthony Rogers begins his series on the Trinity in Jewish and Christian Scripture with an introduction, then discusses the Trinitarian implication of Genesis 1:26, followed by a response to two objections.  These two objections are: (1) The text is using the “plural of majesty”; and (2) the text is including angels as co-creators with God.  After that Roger discusses the Trinitarian implications of Genesis 19:24 which teaches there are Two Divine Persons.  Finally there’s a discussion of the divine “Angel” of the Lord in the book of Genesis.  All of this is just from the book of Genesis!  This is a well done series.


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