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Celebrating God given victories

Psalm 21

Establishing the Need: How do you relate to the spiritual leaders in your life?


Purpose: In this study we shall see two imperative from Psalm 21 so that we are thankful of what God is doing and will do.

  1. Rejoicing in past victories from God (v.1-6)
  2. Anticipate future final triumph of God (v.7-13)


Introductory matters

  • This is written by David as the subscript states: “For the choir director. A Psalm of David.
  • Psalm 21 is a “royal psalms” because its subject matter involves the king of Israel and what he does militarily.[1]
  • Psalm 21 is related to Psalm 20.
  • Both Psalms 20 and 21 emphasize victory and ultimately salvation (20:5, 6, 9; 21:1, 5).[2]
  • Both psalms[3]:
  • Refer to the “king” (20:9; 21:1, 7)
  • Speak of the king’s “heart’s desire” (20:4; 21:2) and request (“petition,” 20:5;“request,” 21:2)
  • Identify the right hand of the LORD as accomplishing the king’s deliverance (20:6; 21:8)
  • Celebrate the LORD’s strength/power (20:6; 21:1, 13)
  • According to Dr. Barrick: “Psalm 21 is the prayer of thanksgiving for the victory granted by God in answer to the prayer in Psalm 20 for the king’s victory in battle.”[4]
    Specifically Psalm 21:1-6 looks back at the requests in Psalm 20 and give thanks for God answering that prayer.[5]


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