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Was so tired last night and struggling with what to write, so here’s a late weekend reading review, because sometimes pastors also need a mental break from, well, ministry…

Niall Barr. Eisenhower’s Armies: The American-British Alliance during World War II.  New York, NY: Pegasus Books, December 7th 2015.  544 pp.

5 out of 5

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Want to learn about the American-British alliance militarily during World War Two?  This is a book worth reading!  The work is fascinating and informative.  It is well researched and insightful.  However I must say the title of the book isn’t fully accurate; it isn’t really as much about Eisenhower’s “armies” as it is about the British and American trying to work with one another at the level of military generals because Eisenhower doesn’t become the Supreme Allied Commander until 76 percent into the book.  Despite the title the book is really fascinating read still if you are looking for something about the alliance beyond the personality of Eisenhower.


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