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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered from March 8th-14th, 2020.  There’s a lot of good links for this installment!  Enjoy!

1.) Interacting with Ligonier’s “Christianity and Van Tillianism” (Part 7)

2.) Presuppositional Apologetics Believes in Evidence: Yet Five Ways its Different than Evidentialism

3.) To Judge or Not To Judge: A joint podcast with Tulips & Honey  and Cave to the Cross Apologetics.

4.) Epidemics and atheism

5.) Bible Contradiction? When (on what day) was Jesus crucified?

6.) Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 11

7.) A Quick Response to Jacob Brunton’s Misconceptions of Presuppositional Apologetics

8.) Apologetics for Dummies

9.) Answering the Objection Concerning the Confusion of Ontology and Epistemology within Presuppositionalism

10.) Another Round of the Thomist Rumor Mill against Van Til: Keith A. Mathison’s “Christianity and Van Tillianism”

11.) Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s New Book ‘Against All Opposition’ Is Nearly Complete


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