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Christ and the Cup of Salvation

Psalm 116 

Establish the need: Have you ever hear people mock with “Where, now, is their God?”

Purpose: When we see others mock where is God we must continue to trust in God for two reasons:

  • Response to God (v.1-2)
    • The Messiah’s lowly experience (v.3-8)
    • The Messiah’s future hope (v.9-15)
  • Response to God (v.16-19)



  • The last twenty four hours Jesus sang according to Matthew 26:30 and Mark 14:26.[1]
  • This would have been Psalms 113-118.
  • That is because the Jews sang Psalms 113-118 during the Passover.
  • Psalms 113-118 was called the “Hallel” Psalms.[2]
  • The Jews sang Psalm 113-114 before the Passover meal and afterwards they sang Psalm 115-118.[3]
    These songs would have been the Scriptures that Jesus have thought about as He was the worship leader for the Passover meal that was His Last Supper with His followers before He would be crucified the next day.
  • Yet these would minister to Him and therefore also minister to us!

The Hallel Psalms broken down:[4]


Corporate Psalms                                            Personal

Praise                     113                                         116

Call to Nations     114                                           117

Praise                     115                                         118


Psalms 113-115 never uses “I, me, my.”[5]

But Psalms 116-118 uses “I, me, my” 72 times.[6]

Thus we are going to begin to see salvation described in very personal terms

Also the Psalm applies to all Christians but is especially relevant for Christ as He read and sang it.[7]


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