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For this week’s “Wee-kids” Wednesdays here’s a review of a Christian children’s book.


Elena Pasquali. On That Easter Morning.  Oxford, UK: Lion Hudson Limited, January 24, 2020. 32 pp.

4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

Are you looking for a children’s picture and story book on the Bible’s account of Jesus’ death and resurrection?  This is one that’s worth your time and money.


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Here are the links on Presuppositional apologetics from April 8th-14th, 2020!

1.) Richard Howe’s Refutation of Presuppositional Apologetics

2.) Resolving 40 Bible Contradictions from Jesus’ Final Week to His Ascension


4.) Worldviews and Secular Morality

5.) Review: Every Believer Confident: Apologetics for the Ordinary Christian

6.) Richard Dawkins Slams Day of Prayer And Hides How an Atheist Should Respond to a Killer Virus

7.) COVID-19—a Biblical Plague?



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