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Albert Martin. What Is a Biblical Christian?  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, March 28th 2014. 22 pp.

5 out of 5

Free: Chapel Library

Purchase: Amazon (99 cents for Kindle)

If you can give a small booklet to someone that explain what is Christianity and how someone can be saved to go to heaven what would it be?  For me it is this booklet by preacher Al Martin titled What Is a Biblical Christian?  This is published by Chapel Library, a wonderful organization that reprints a lot of Christian historical classics that is doctrinally sound and Gospel centered.  The presentation of the Gospel in the book is clear and biblical, something that is very important for the sake of the salvation of any unbeliever that is reading this work.  I recommend this not only for nonbelievers as an evangelistic tool but also for seasoned pastors in the ministry to learn from the author’s example of a clear and biblical presentation of the Gospel.  Even for everyday Christians who already are saved this is still an edifying read!  One can’t be reminded of the Gospel enough!


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