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I got really sad hearing about where I use to work security that some of the people who worked in the building I use to be at aren’t able to get food since stores were looted and shops closed.  While as a security I was paid decent the workers there got paid minimum wage and it wasn’t even full time.  My wife and I use to help with the theater workers financially to get by with rent, bills and even one time we had to buy lots of water one time for someone since that person’s slum lord couldn’t afford to pay the waterbill and the person as the tenet had no water for washing, drinking, bathing and cooking.  To know that some can’t get any shopping done started turning me mad.  These are real people.  This are of town has average income lower than the national average and this is in a place of high cost of living.  How can’t you be mad if you known these people for years who are suffering?


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