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A pastor who is a former intern of Mark Dever wrote this: “Suddenly people silent about murder have become vocal about looting.”  It generated a lot of discussion.  But I wonder if it add more heat than light.

Before I share my thoughts please know I clearly think what happened to George Floyd is wrong: it was murder.  I also think peaceful protest is legal and right.  I do believe racism exists.  I’m a minority in the United States and I call out racism in my context which is often among minorities against minorities.

One of the pastor’s defense of this meme/quote is to say the following:

But the initial instigating sin and injustice is greater in the way a child molester has the greater sin than the later young teen who responds with reckless sexual immorality.

Both sinful. One provoked the other.

With that said my thought is this kind of tactic and also his defense is unhelpful for the cause; it can also be counterproductive.


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