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This is to unite, not to divide and I want to do that by challenging an incomplete narrative and also something that goes against objective historical facts. I think everyone will benefit from seeing how interconnected we are as Americans. I saw several Pastors shared a link on FB written by a Chinese American pastor who wrote this about Asian Americans relations with African Americans. I found it problematic on so many levels:

“What many Asian Americans fail to realize is that our success is largely built on the backs of African Americans themselves. After all, if African American slavery did not exist, the United States may not have been such a desirable country to immigrate to. It was through the enslavement of African Americans that American prosperity was built in the first place.”

Notice the quote made specific claims:
(a) Asian Americans as a group succeeded at the expense of African Americans.
(b) Asian Americans might not have desired to come to the United States if it wasn’t for America having African American slavery.
(c) The prosperity in America from slavery is what attracted Asian Americans to take advantage of it in America.

But is this factually true?


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