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Ronald Nash. Social Justice and the Christian Church.  Lima, OH: Academic Renewal Press, January 10th 2002. 180 pp.

5 out of 5

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Want to read a book to understand a biblical worldview concerning the issues and topics brought up in the name of social justice?  This book looks at contemporary beliefs under the web of “social justice” and explains to readers why some the agendas are problematic logically in terms of internally within the advocates’ own beliefs, factually with economics and historical considerations and also biblically.  The work is academic without being dry and I appreciate that the author was nuanced in his writing such as pointing out one as a Christian should have concern for the poor but we must also equally as well be concern about the means to help the poor.  I appreciated that the content in this book did not have a single attack on a person’s character which is so different than today’s politics; instead the content but focused on the issues.  The book was written by the late Ronald Nash which sadly I wished more Christians today would know more about.  Nash is a capable Christian theologian, philosopher, apologist and political and economic thinker who was a two term advisor to the United States’ Civil Rights Commission.  This book certainly didn’t disappoint and was very helpful.


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