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This is part 1 of our new series on Biblical Economics and we begin with “Goodness of Material World.”  Besides economics this topic as a study is relevant for other areas such as a positive Christian view of our body, health and finance, or negatively against Gnostics worldview, cults, or a wrong kind of escapism, irresponsibility of Christian stewardship, etc.

Goodness of Material World

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Have you yourself said or ever heard anyone say: “The World is evil and bad, so we shouldn’t care about it and why care about learning how the world works? (Economics, History, Politics, Science, etc)”


Purpose: Today we will see that the Bible does not see the physical world is all bad and that it can be good so that we would desire to study and be good steward of what we are given and the responsibility we have in our own lives.

  • When God Created the Physical World it was good
  • Worship of God acknowledges the physical is good
  • Jesus is Physical


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