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Note: This is the sixth installment in our series on biblical leadership.


A Godly Leader motivate others

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Do you motivate others to do what needs to be done?

Purpose: Today we shall three points so that we would be intentionally decisive as a Christian and foundation to be a godly leader.

  • The importance of motivating others
  • The examples of motivating others
  • How to cultivate the skill in motivating others

Quick Comments about meaning of motivation:

  • The dictionary’s first definition: “enthusiasm for doing something:”[1]
  • The dictionary’s other definition: “the need or reason for doing something.”[2]
  • From the dictionary of motivation my definition of “motivate others” is the ability to encourage others to do what needs to be done, with the emphasis of the word “encourage” as opposed to force, threats, etc.


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