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We have a lot of links this time around!  Here’s the round up of links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between October 22nd-31st, 2020.


1.) A Look at the Book: History of Western Philosophy and Theology By John M. Frame

2.) Bible Contradiction? Who were the sons of Heman?

3.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 95 – Tactics – Mini Tactics

4.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #58: Man breaks into home with signs “beware of dog” and unbelief

5.) “Weh, Pano Mo Nalaman?” (Part III): A Crash Course on the Problem of Knowledge and the Revelational Solution to it

6.) Review: Against All Opposition: Defending the Christian Worldview by Greg Bahnsen

7.) The Daily Brew Interviews Vern Poythress on His New Book, The Mystery of the Trinity

8.) 4 Lectures on Presuppositional Apologetics by Ricky Roldan



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