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John Frame.  We Are All Philosophers.  Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, August 28th 2019. 152 pp.

5 out of 5

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Everyone in some sense is a philosopher; the question is whether they are a good philosopher or a poor one.  In light of the fact that all of us encounter the big and deep questions of life Christian apologist and theologian John Frame has written this helpful work concerning Christian philosophy.  John Frame has written History of Western Philosophy and Theology which I highly recommend and in the preface of this present volume he noted that after finishing that earlier massive work he realized that he need to write another book on philosophy that would be more for the average reader.  Part of making this more accessible is this book is not only shorter but arranged topically instead of historically.  The language is simpler and I appreciate the definitions of terms after each chapter.  Although he said this book is an introduction still I think even Christians who know theology, apologetics and philosophy will benefit from it as Frame has a way of thinking through the Scripture and seeing connections between doctrines, philosophical categories and how they relate perspectivally in a way that makes you appreciate the world more and also the beauty of God’s glory.


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