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Note: This is the tenth installment in our series on biblical leadership.

A Godly Leader raises leaders

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Have you thought about raising up leaders?

Purpose: Today we shall three points so that as a Christian leader we would raise up other leaders

  • The importance of raising up leaders
  • The examples of raising up leaders
  • How to cultivate raising up leaders

What I mean by “raising leaders”

  • Originally I was trying to make this lesson on delegating responsibility but I thought there is a deeper principle in how we delegate responsibility as a leader: We want to delegate in such a way that the person we are delegating responsibility we are hoping that they become leader.
  • Raising leaders mean not just raising the next person to be in charge of everything or someone replacing your position but also for them to be a leader in doing what they are good at.
    • For example: A pastor raising someone to be a deacon or a church treasurer, etc.
  • Also raising someone as a leader doesn’t mean always they are doing new things but also that the person is a leader in what they do in the sense of what we saw the definition of leader is: influencing others in a good way.
    • For example: Someone at church is good at evangelism.  Now the pastor raises him to be able to teach others to evangelize also as well, so the evangelist is leading and influencing others to do the work of God.


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