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A “wee” kid Wednesday, so here are two illustrated non-fiction books that I enjoyed reading to my daughters.   For one of them I want to thank to the publishers for an advance review copy!

Barry Wittenstein. The Boo-Boos That Changed the World: A True Story about an Accidental Invention (Really!).  Watertown, MA: Clarlesbridge Publishing, February 13th 2018. 32 pp.

5 out of 5

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Can you imagine a world without Band-Aids?  Its hard for us today in our time to imagine a time where there wasn’t Band-Aids!  Here in this book the author Barry Wittenstein tells us the story of how the Band-Aids was invented.  This is a great story about invention, creativity, life and also how accidents and “bad” things in our life can be used to turn around for the purpose of good.


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Note: This is the twelfth installment in our series on biblical leadership.


A Godly Leader pursue Godly Ambition

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Have you wondered whether ambition is something a Christian and Christian leader can desire?


Purpose: Today we shall three points so that as a Christian and a godly leader we pursue Godly ambition

  • The importance of pursuing godly ambition
  • The example of pursuing godly ambition
  • How to cultivate the pursuit of godly ambition


Quick Comments about meaning of ambition

  • I know “ambition” can be seen as totally negative among many Christians.  So we have to consider what the definition of ambition is.
  • The dictionary’s definition for ambition: a strong wish to achieve something.”[1]
  • If we see this definition and think about how there are godly things that one can achieve then ambition in of itself is not sinful though one can have sinful ambition.


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