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Need to start up again our Weekend Reading Review!  To kick it off this year’s Reading Weekend Review this week we look at a Christian Children’s book for your family!

Tim Ladwig. Stories Jesus Told: The Story of the Two Builders. Grand Rapids, MI: Our Daily Bread Publishing, March 2nd, 2021. 32 pp.

5 out of 5

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Want a children’s picture story book that you can read that capture Jesus’ teaching about the wise and foolish builder?  Tim Ladwig has illustrated another excellent children’s book on Jesus’ parables for the ages of four through seven.  I was delighted to see Ladwig has another volume out as part of his “Stories Jesus Told” series.  Previously I have enjoyed three of the books he illustrated: The Lost Son Comes Home, Who Is My Neighbor? and  Looking for the Lost Sheep.  So when I saw he has a new book out titled The Story of the Two Builders I realized I need to read this to my kids!  What’s amazing is my kids can identify his illustration style as the same as the previous books from him we read before!


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If you read this blog you know that I subscribe to Presuppositional Apologetics.  I won’t be rehearsing what Presuppositional Apologetics is but check out here for a compact definition and here for a lists of many lectures and of those many messages check out Apologetics: What Would Jesus Do? 4 Messages if you can’t decide.

From time to time I hear people say Cornelius Van Til, the father of Presuppositional Apologetics was a Postmodernist and that Presuppositionalism is Postmodernism.  This post was from a discussion I had online in another social media platform about this objection.

I don’t think this is true but I want to write a post to think through how does one deal with people bringing this objection and in general objections for other points about Christianity.


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