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John Charles Ryle. Thoughts for Young Men.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, August 17, 2015. 44 pp.

5 out of 5

Free: Chapel Library

Purchase: Amazon (99 cents for Kindle)

What is a book a young person can read to grow spiritually and maturity?  This is a classic by John Charles Ryle that is a timeless classic.  I think given our time this is also edifying for people in their 20s to also read.  John Charles Ryle who is best known by his pen name J.C. Ryle wrote this filled with godly and biblical exhortations that isn’t just applicable to his time period.  In fact in reading this the second time and also in conjunction with the youths in our church (pre-teens and teens) I felt it is more relevant and edifying than when I first read it ten years ago in my 20s.


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This is a series on the attributes of God.

Selected Scriptures

Purpose: In this session we shall look to the Old Testament for seven clarification of what God’s omnipresence means and also what does this mean for our lives.

Reminder of the definition of the omniscience of God:

  1. Wayne Grudem: “God does not have size or spatial dimension and is present at every point of space with his whole being, yet God acts differently in different places.”[1]
  2. John Feinberg: “God’s omnipresence, on the other hand, signifies that God is present in the totality of his being at each point in space.”[2]
  3. John Frame: “Spatial omnipresence cannot mean that God is a physical substance spread through the material universe. What it means, rather is that God’s power, knowledge and ability to act in the finite world are universal.”[3]


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