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A wee-kid Wednesday book review, this afternoon we look at a Christian Children’s book we recommend for your family!


David Pat. Jonah: God’s Love for All People.  Coppell, TX: Kindle Direct Publishing, January 21, 2021. 30 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

Do you love the story of Jonah in the Minor Prophet in the Bible and want to share it to your child and let him or her learn about the lesson of Jonah?  This illustrated children’s book might be for you.


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This is a series on the attributes of God.


Selected Scriptures

Purpose: In this session we shall see the Scripture in the Old and New Testament both teaches God’s omniscience.

  • The Old Testament teaches God’s Omniscience.
  • The New Testament teaches God’s Omniscience.

What is the omniscience of God? Definitions:

  • John Frame: God’s “knowledge of everything.”[1]
  • Wayne Grudem: “God fully knows himself and all things actual and possible in one simple and eternal act.”[2]
  • Another popular view: “Divine omniscience means God knows all true propositions.”[3]
  • John Feinberg has several pages in his book on God on the difficulty of defining God’s omniscience and concludes with this definition: “Hence, we can say that divine omniscience means at least knowing everything a being with attributes such as God’s can know.”[4]


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