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Jon Harris has wrote a book titled “Social Justice Goes to Church.” He has a recent video for his show “Conversations That Matter” titled “CRT and Triperspectivalism.” Here is the video:

In the video he asks “Is Triperspectivalism a Third Way for CRT?” Specifically he wonders if John Frame’s Triperspectivalism is something that would be problematic when it comes to approaching Critical Race Theory.

I appreciate Jon Harris this past year for raising concern of various unbiblical idea that have creep into the church from our culture, especially with items that the elites in the West push for politically. Things like Woke ideology/theology, gender/identity politics, compromises, etc. But here I do think his view of Triperspectalism as potentially a risk that aid the advance of Critical Race Theory by either Frame himself or those who follow Frame (example would be Timothy Keller) is problem. I do want to note Harris seem to use the term “Critical Race Theory” to refer to the social justice movement/woke ideology in general rather than the specific legal theory. I appreciate Harris’ overall tone when he talks about controversial issues. I also appreciate Harris’ nuances to say he doesn’t know if John Frame or certain followers of Frame who would use Triperspectivalism to promote Critical Race Theory. In addition Harris has the humility to say where he doesn’t know what Frame’s view is.

My post wishes to clarify some things about Triperspectivalism itself, second how Triperspectivalism can help clarify ethics in general and finally how Triperspectivalism help in critiquing Critical Race Theory.


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