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This is a post before the Fourth of July.



Sinful Human Nature, Government and the US Constitution


Purpose: Today we will see how a biblical view of human nature has implication of how government’s form looks like and also consideration of the US Constitution.

  • The Bible teaches people can be sinful, so there is a danger with pure democracy
  • The Bible teaches kings can be sinful, so there is a danger with pure monarchy
  • The Bible teaches a powerful minority can be sinful, so there is a danger of an aristocracy
  • The Rationale of the US Constitution for Divided Government and Checks and Balances


Some words before we begin

  • I am not trying to say America is right in everything
  • Nor do I think America is wrong with everything
  • In talking about the Constitution I don’t think it is on par with the Bible, God’s Word.
  • While not seeing the Constitution as sacred I do think there are some wisdom behind its design of the government of the United States that shows agreement with a biblical view of human nature.
  • Also this is not meant to say there’s no good government except for the United States.


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