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Here’s the end of June 2021 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links gathered between June 22nd-30th, 2021.

1.) Cave to the Cross’ Way, Truth, & Life – Ep. 130 – Why Should I Believe Christianity? – God Is Not Silent – Part 2

2.) Bible Contradiction? Is it OK to covet?

3.) Empathy is Arbitrary, Inconsistent, & Irrational for Atheists

4.) The Ultimate Proof of Creation Discussion Guide by Veritas Domain

5.) Evolutionary Infighting and Creation Science

7.) Do Christians Commit the Fallacy of Special Pleading?

8.) Free PDF Apologetics’ Dissertation: Humanity’s Capacity to Apprehend Aesthetic Value as an Argument for God’s Existence

9.) Reforming Apologetics (The Book of Nature and Apologetics)

10.) The Purpose of the Transcendental Argument for God

11.) Critical Race Theory & Intersectionality with Dr. Josh Buice

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