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Spurgeon's Catechism With Scriptural Proofs

Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon’s Catechism.  Apollo, PA: Ichthus Publications, August 16, 2014. 54 pp.

4 out of 5

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Are you looking for a resource to go over with kids about Christianity?  This might be a resource for you to consider!  I know some reading this review might think “Catechism?” and wonder if this might be Roman Catholic.  It is actually Baptist.  This Catechism was edited by the Prince of Preacher Charles Spurgeon from a Catechism based upon the Baptist Catechism of 1693.

This booklet consists of 82 questions and answers.  I used this to go over it with my kids and they enjoyed it.  I did explain to them that ultimately we are to go with what the Bible says but we also do appreciate what others learn about what the Bible says whether at our present local church or also in the Past.  It was helpful to look up the Scriptural citation in context and discuss the passages that are Scriptural proofs for the answers and doctrines.  I was struck at the questions at time being of great depths for my kids (you can’t say this work is shallow) and also its simplicity.  I also appreciate that it wasn’t just all doctrinal (and doctrines matter!) but also it has a lot of questions for the ten commandments.

The biggest thing that I found helpful with these questions and answers is the conversations I have with my kids because of it.  I plan to go over other Baptist Catechisms with my kids after this one and this was a good place to start with my elementary school age kids.  I used this as a family worship going over one or two questions each time.  They were part of my family worship plan in which I would go over the book of Genesis with my girls and days when I was exhausted from all the preparation of studying through Genesis I would use this Catechism.  I do recommend this as a resource.

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