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Here’s a thesis for a Master’s Degree in history that Liberty University’s College of Arts and Sciences has made available titled “The New Left in American Evangelicalism.”   So much have often been focused about Evangelicalism with the political conservative movement but with the change of trajectory of the younger generation (my generation of Millennial and younger) that has made its way into the church there’s not as much focus on the roots of the New Left in American Evangelicalism.  A case can be made that there needs to be discernment and concern for the Left especially with its rise in power in the establishment and institutions in today’s society and the church in the next generation picking things up from the world uncritically.

The thesis was written by Jonathan E. Harris and was completed on August 2020 as part of his completion of his Masters’ Degree in History.  I am thankful Liberty University has made this thesis available online for free.  Mr. Harris has published another book last month in September on social justice titled “Christianity and Social Justice: Religions in Conflict.”

Here’s the abstract for the thesis:


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