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A wee-kid Wednesday book review, this afternoon we look at a Christian Children’s book we recommend for your family!  I’m thankful for Michael Coughlin (Twitter, Blog) for letting me know that this series is cheaper on RHB online store).

Athanasius Christian Biographies for Young Readers Series

Simonetta Carr. Athanasius (Christian Biographies for Young Readers Series).  Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, August 22, 2011. 64 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Reformation Heritage Books | Westminster Amazon

Interested in learning about the lives and examples of early Christian believers in Church history?  Since I first learned a little about church history and the Church leader Athanasius, I always thought his life was worth studying more in-depth for not just historical knowledge but encouragement as a Christian for today’s contemporary world.  Now with this book written by Simonetta Carr both adults and children can learn about Athanasius and be edified!  This book is part of the Christian Biographies for Young Readers Series and this is the first volume I read aloud to my three daughters. The book impressed me so much that I am thinking about purchasing more books from this series!


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This is a series on the attributes of God.


The Love of God Part 4: The Doctrine of Adoption

Establishing the need: Do you know how rich is the term “adoption” that’s found in the Bible? Have you realize how important one’s parent is in people’s lives, whether for good or bad?  There’s something about knowing about God’s work of adopting us as part of our salvation that will impact our lives!  Yet so little is written about it.  This despite the fact that it is mentioned in the Bible more than regeneration and we talk a lot about regeneration.   So, do you know how rich the doctrine of “adoption” is?

Purpose: In this session we shall explore what is the doctrine of adoption with four questions so that we can further appreciate God’s work of saving us.

    1. What does adoption means for the original hearers?
    2. Why do we need spiritual adoption?
    3. Who has provided our spiritual adoption?
    4. How does spiritual adoption change our lives?

Definition of adoption: “Adoption, as the term clearly implies, is an act of transfer from an alien family into the family of God Himself” (John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, 134).


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