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I believe we should preach Christ.  I believe when we preach the Old Testament we should preach to our congregation about Jesus.  But there can be a right and wrong way to go about it.  I know over the years there’s some people I talk to that make it where one can do no wrong when they preach Christ from an Old Testament passage.  But I think it is possible that we preach Christ and also preach in a way that respect the historical grammatical and authorial intent of a passage.  And a extension of that belief is that there is the possibility of preaching Christ yet done in a way that does not respect the historical-grammatical detail and authorial intent of a passage.  As an expository preacher I want to glorify God when I preach the Old Testament by pointing to Christ yet also glorify God with carefully handling the detail of the Old Testament passage.  Often pointing to Christ means connecting a given passage to the unfolding of redemptive history and there is the importance of preaching being not atomistic but informed by good Biblical Theology (the development of theology and doctrines in light of the consideration of the flow of Scripture in different juncture of redemptive history). 

But for this post I want to give an example of how there can be a wrong way to preach Christ in the Old Testament.  I’m thinking of this post addressing primarily those who think there can be no way to wrongly preach Christ, so long as Christ is preached from the Old Testament.


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