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Jacques Derrida Christopher Watkin

Christopher Watkin. Jacques Derrida.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, December 2, 2019. 160 pp.

5 out of 5

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Have you heard of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida?  He was a postmodern thinker who among other contribution is someone whom Critical Race Theorists also have admit as someone who have influenced their movement (Richard Delgado’s Critical Race Theory talks about the influence from previous moments for Critical Race Theory “draws from certain European philosophers and theorists, such as Antonio Gramsci, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida.”).  I bring this up the impact of Derrida upon Critical Race Theory to show one way Derrida is relevant but I must add Derrida is an important philosopher in his own right; and we also must be careful of lumping Derrida with certain other French postmodernists as there are some specific nuances with Derrida.  So if Christians are going to respond to Derrida we need to handle Derrida carefully while also being biblical ourselves when we critique Derrida.  Enter Christopher Watkin with this book which is a Reformed Christian critique of Derrida.  Watkin is a professor of French Studies in Australia and a researcher of modern French philosophy who is also a solid Reformed Christian.  This book is part of the Great Thinkers series published by P&R Publishing and so far I have five volumes in this series and I would say this particular title truly reflect the editors’ aim of presenting readers Great Thinkers with care and accuracy while also providing an analysis and critique from the standpoint of a biblical Worldview and also Van Til’s apologetics as a tool of analysis.


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