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I’m not trying to promote nationalism and I have some spiritual points towards the end of this post.

In light of Veteran’s Day and also the recent Marine Corps Birthday (November 10th) the Marines’ released their latest ads and I thought it was a winner that it actually teared me up a little:

I always thought the US Marines made the best commercials.  I remember a few years back tutoring someone who had a class in advertisement in college and reading his textbook it mentioned that one of the most success commercial slogans out there was from the Marines: You probably have heard of the famous “The Few.  The Proud.  The Marines.”  Only recently have the Marines moved away from that slogan to try out new things.  Another reason why I think Marines’ ads are the best is because sometimes their focus on something “transcendent” lead to spiritual lessons as I’ve looked at in the past here: New 2017 Marine Corps Commercial and the search for Transcendence.

Yet in making a commercial in 2021 it is not an easy task.  We’ve had 20 years of the War on Terror.  Afghanistan is still so fresh and what happened in August still stings for many veterans I know.  There’s uncertain future and the role the Marines will play in geopolitical challenges.  These challenges can make the ad appear cheesy and off -putting if not done right.  But this video manage to be well done by transcending that.

Why did I think it was a good video? I’ll get to the spiritual lesson later.  But for now here’s why I thought the video was well done:


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