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Skeptic self contradiction

Yesterday’s post “” got me thinking about how ridiculous the Skeptic Annotated Bible’s claim was that there was a Bible contradiction with the two verses the website cited.  Two passages with overlapping truths in which one verse happen to mention additional details than the other verse is a far stretch from it being a Bible contradiction.  

This isn’t the first time the listing from the Skeptic Annotated Bible pull off a similar mistake.  When I surveyed my ) I noticed the skeptic did the same thing with “”  

There’s a whole bunch of alleged Bible contradictions the Skeptic Annotated Bible claimed based upon various account stating how many individuals there were for several events; see as examples the following (though not exhaustive): , How many men were possessed with demons at the country of the Gadarenes?, How many were from the tribe of Simeon?

Perhaps the most ridiculous is What is God’s name?  Here the skeptics even think that a shortened form of God’s name means its a contradiction with the longer form of God’s name and other titles of God!

It seems the method of interpretation (what is called hermeneutics) that the skeptic uses to say there’s a contradiction is based upon the observation that there are slightly different wordings and additional details in one of the verses and then extrapolating that there then is a Bible contradictions.

Sometimes the best way to refute bad hermeneutics is to apply the same hermeneutics back to its advocate and demonstrate how it is self-refuting.  We are not saying we agree with the skeptics that there’s actually a contradiction but the chief focus in this post is show if the skeptics are consistent then they are forced to being reduced to absurdity.

So using the skeptics hermeneutics does that mean the skeptics’ own wordings are also contradicting?

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