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Engaging Hinduism

Christopher Poshin David. Engaging Hinduism : Rethinking Christian Apologetics in India.  India: Christian World Imprints,  January 1, 2020. 167 pp.

5 out of 5

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What does a Christian philosophical critique of Hinduism looks like?  This book presents not only a critique of Hinduism but a distinctive of this book is that the author presents to us a Presuppositional Apologetics’ refutation of Neo-Hinduism.  The fact that there’s few apologetics’ concerning Hinduism makes this a plus to get this book but as someone who subscribe to Van Til’s apologetics’ methodology it was an added delight to see Van Tillian apologetics applied to Hinduism.


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There’s a lot of discussions of root causes these days in politics, society, etc.

I think the root cause for many ills are spiritual.

Its the lack of thanksgiving to God.


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