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I really do appreciate the interviewer’s ministry.  Marlon Wilson runs The Gospel Truth a show that hosts many theological debates; I don’t know anyone that has gotten such a wide group of people to debate theology and is himself Presuppositional in his apologetics.  You can catch his channel here.  Here Marlon Wilson interviewed James Anderson for his church’s midweek fellowship.

The person being interviewed is James Anderson, I’ve shared resources and interviews featuring him on my blog in the past but a quick run down: He is an apologist that is truly a gift to the church today.  He goes against the sterotypes some assume that Presuppositional Apologetics are just not educated.  Anderson has written a book titled Why Should I Believe Christianity? which I reviewed here: Review: Why Should I Believe Christianity?.

Some of the discussions include what is Presuppositional Apologetics, is Presuppositional Apologetics against evidence (spoiler: its the opposite!), how Anderson got into apologetics, etc.

Here’s the interview:


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