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Christianity and Idealism van til

For some reason the last few weeks I’ve been seeing people bring up objection to the apologetics of Cornelius Van Til, the Father of Presuppositional Apologetics, as someone who was caught up with the philosophy of Idealism than Christianity.  I don’t think that is accurate.  Most people even among Presuppositionalists know that Van Til has actually written against Idealism in a book titled rather unsurprisingly Christianity and Idealism.  The title Christianity and Idealism is a play on the title of the book Christianity and Liberalism, a classic work by J. Greshem Machen’s refuting theological liberalism and distinguishing it as being not compatible with orthodox Christianity.  Even the title of Van Til’s book is meant to communicate Van Til was going against Idealism.

I hope in the future to comment some more about the objection that Van Til’s apologetics is nothing more than Idealism.  For now in this post I want to share how you can get the PDF of this book free. 


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