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Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology

Jeffrey Jay Niehaus. Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, March 13, 2008. 208 pp.

5 out of 5

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Have you ever wonder how the Ancient Near East contribute towards our understanding of the Bible?  There’s of course books out there that have used Ancient Near East primary sources to question the veracity of the Bible and biblical doctrines so I understand when Christians are cautious with books on this topic.  This book not only still hold a high view of the Bible but I think this book makes a unique contribution in bringing the fruit of Ancient Near East research and unified it as one coherent Biblical theology rather than various assorted unrelated fact.  This book impressed me beyond my expectation and I’m glad a fellow blogger and friend Mandy Sweigart recommended me to read this!


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