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The year 2021 is coming to a close.  I’m beginning to reflect back this year.  Having a blog helps.  Soon I’ll write my post of the top posts of the year.  But as any writer knows, there’s some posts that one might think should have done better but didn’t make the top 10, etc.  

Earlier in August I wrote “.”  Some of you regular readers of the blog who followed the site for years have said it was probably one of the best posts I wrote.  I think I agree.  If you remember August was the fall of Afghanistan.  The comparison of Vietnam to Afghanistan made me think about my own family history.  

It turns out the next day after I wrote that post we got a letter from the church that sponsored my mom’s family to the US.  It was very emotional for my sisters and I reading it.  I also saw the timing was providential. 

Letter Church to Refugee


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