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Following God Fully An Introduction to the Puritans

Joel Beeke and Michael Reeves. Following God Fully: An Introduction to the Puritans.  Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, April 27, 2020. 4 hours and 47 minutes.

5 out of 5

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Who are the Puritans, what did they believe as Christians and what are lessons for Christians for us today from their lives and teaching?  In this audiobook two capable authors present to us an introduction to the Puritans.  I have benefited from previous books written by Joel Beeke and Michael Reeves, two Reformed authors who are pastors that write theologically and yet still practically and the content of this audiobook fits the bill of how they write.  It was really edifying to listen to this.  Please don’t think that because it is about a historical Christian movement that it is going to be dry!  I was encouraged, worshipped God, thankful and challenged and in all things I was blessed as I read this book!  It is fascinating to see that the audiobook is out before the hardcover copy is published (going to come out in 2022).  This seems like it would be great to read as an actual book!  But I’m glad this is also in audiobook form for my edification while I drive!


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