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Reprobation and God’s Sovereignty

Peter Sammons. Reprobation and God’s Sovereignty: Recovering A Biblical Doctrine.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, January 25, 2022. 296 pp.

5 out of 5

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How much do you know and understand the doctrine of reprobation both biblically and how it developed in historical theology through the history of the church?  In his first published book author Peter Sammons explore the historical dimension of this doctrine in church history but here in this book the author Peter Sammons work on biblically recovering this doctrine that is often misunderstood and slandered.  It has been my observation that there are many books that have been written on predestination and election of those who are saved and not as many discussion about reprobation of the lost even though one hear reprobation gets brought up as an objection against Calvinism/Reformed Theology.  It is in light of this consideration that I appreciate author Peter Sammons tackling this subject with care and nuances concerning human will, God’s sovereignty, causation, agency, God’s goodness, etc, and do so with the intent and desire to be biblical.  This subject as it is discussed online and in person seem to generally generate a lot more heat than light and Sammons’ writing isn’t emotionally driven which I appreciate.  I recognize that not everyone reading my review are necessarily Reformed in their theology but I think Sammons has given us a book that one must interact with if one want to consider an academic presentation of this doctrine from a Reformed proponent.  Even for those who consider themselves Reformed already this book is worth getting since so little is often discussed about this doctrine that this book is worthwhile to ensure one understand this accurately and also to be nuanced.


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