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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered from May 15th-21st, 2022. 

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1.) Cave to the Cross’ The Resurrection Explained! – Ep.176 – What About Evil? – The Cosmic Redeemer – Part 1

2.) Bible Contradiction? Will God destroy those that intermarry?

3.) Scientific Elitism and Critical Thinking Cowboy 

4.) Apologetics Session 8: Evil and the problem of Atheism

5.) Presuppositionalism in the Dock

6.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #77: Flamethrowers and Refuting Presuppositions

7.) A Response to: “Theology’s Epistemological Dilemma”

8.) Book Review: Redeeming Our Thinking about History: A God-Centered Approach” By Vern Poythress

9.) The Intellectual Challenge of the Gospel by Van Til (Part 2)

10.) Apologetics Meme


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