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Establish the need:  With everything going on have you thought about what to do as a Christian in a time of danger?

Purpose: Today we will see three points about this topic of what Christians can do concerning violent situations.

  1. The Bible talks about the importance of vigilance
  2. The Bible condones self-defense
  3. Practical pointers



  • This isn’t covering everything.
  • This isn’t meant to be a security training per se.
  • It is meant for every day Christians at church, work and in public thinking about protecting oneself and loved ones.
  •  While it can be applicable to workplace, stores, restaurants, and other public places, some of the applications will be given with the church as an example.
  • Also nothing here are legal advices.  One should research to know one’s local and state laws concerning self-defense and safety.
  • Many of these insights are from those who have thought a lot on security.  Much thanks goes to these brothers in Christ.


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