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Woke and Karen

For something like this I want to say what is not a Karen.  A woman speaking up about a serious and dangerous situation is not a “Karen.”  A woman addressing a problem or concern respectfully and it gets solved by all parties is not a “Karen.”  So what is a Karen?

Karen description:

  1. An unreasonable woman that persists in being unreasonable towards others in a public situation.
  2. A Karen in usual circumstances enjoys the privilege of being normal in society (she is someone who at the surface level in the beginning can be accepted in socialization process; she’s not typically someone who automatically in the beginning is seen as an outlier in society, though later her behavior might require others adjust their acceptance of her).  This is all a long-winded way of saying that she appears ordinary, in a way that liberals would understand =)
  3. Usually suburban and educated.
  4. In light of point 2 and 3 I want to propose something that others might not think about: the popular imagination and conception of a Karen might be more of a progressive woman than say a tough blue collar mother, a disadvantage rural poor stay at home mom or a Christian fundamentalist that is caught up into patriarchy movement, etc, because of description above as someone suburban, educated and mainstream; no doubt a woman with this background is exposed to progressive theories, worldviews and rhetorics. 

In light of point four what does any progressive/woke ideologies contribute to fuel someone to be a Karen?


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