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This is a later post in the day than usual! Just got back from my vacation!

One of the amazing place we visited was a historic Dutch town in America. If you follow this blog for sometime you know I love Dutch Reformed theology and also the contribution of Dutch Americans to Christian theology and apologetics, namely Cornelius Van Til. It was a treat to see places with last names of Kuyper and other other Dutch family names around this town that often I see as last names of authors in the books of theologians and thinkers.

And one of the things I love about Dutch Neo-Calvinist Reformed thinkers such as Van Til, Kuyper and Bavinck is their observations of the inter-relationships of spheres and things, and inter-disciplinary nature of knowledge and sphere sovereignty.

One treat during my trip was seeing Dutch windmills. It totally blew my mind and also got me thinking tangent to the topic of Cornelius Van Til, inter-disciplines and innovations and appreciation for the truth of the Christian worldview.


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