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Samuel Renihan. God without Passions: A Primer.  Palmdale, CA: Reformed Baptist Academic Press, July 21, 2015. 107 pp.

5 out of 5

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What does it mean when Christians say that God is immutable and that God is without Passions?  This book answers this question concerning this attribute of God in a way that is biblical and historically rooted in the sound teaching of historical theology.  I got this book and read it since I was impressed reading the author’s other book Deity and Decree.  This particular book also impressed me with Samuel Renihan’s ability to be biblical, clear, simple and yet deeply profound with regards to who God is.  This book is meant for the layperson and was originally from his Sunday School series on this topic.  Overall the book was worshipful and edifying and it lifted my soul reading this on vacation.


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