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Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death


Mitchell Chase. Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, October 25th 2022.  163 pp.

4 out of 5

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What does the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testment has to teach us about the resurrection and also life after death?  This book is a survey of that, giving us a biblical theology of God’s power over death and also the fuller doctrine developed in God’s revelation of a physical resurrection of all humans after death, either to judgment or salvation.  The author Mitchell Chase is a professor of biblical studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and his doctoral work at Southern Seminary was on the topic of resurrection hope.  So it is fitting he authored this book on this topic for the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series which is published by Crossway.  Coming in at 163 pages it is a helpful survey of what does the Bible have to say about the resurrection that begins in seed form in the Old Testament but gets more developed as more of God’s Word is revealed in redemptive history.


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