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David Schreiner 1 and 2 Kings commentary

David Schreiner. 1 & 2 Kings: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, August 16th 2022. 320 pp.

5 out of 5

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Is there a part of the Bible you wished you had a better grasp on?  The last few years I realized I need to give better study to 1-2 Kings and I imagine many Christians might feel the same way about this part of the Bible.  Fortunately there’s a resource that can help Christians go through 1-2 Kings and filled with insights and observation from the biblical text itself while also giving the occasional background information and original language observation.  This commentary not only has exegetical observations but also sections that are geared towards preaching and teaching.  This dual feature is the key characteristic of this Bible commentary series called “Kerux Commentaries” which is published by Kregel Publications.  The book actually has two authors, with the exegetical portions by Old Testament professor David Schreiner and the homiletical portion by a pastor name Lee Compson. 


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