There has been an increase in terrorism activities in light of the President of the US visiting Indonesia.

The jihadists are angry,


A young Indonesian girl wants him dead or alive,


This is their hero,


These pictures show the violence of these people! Chopping of heads and what not in somewhat a way of life, more of a way of their religion. Some of the pictures are between tribal clashes but the rest are between Christian and Muslim. And who might be the victim…..? Remember the three Christian school girls who were unarmed and defenseless?



Why with the fascination of chopping of heads and than parading it? Not only in Iraq but in Indonesia as well.


Notice the modern background – tar roads, brick houses, modern bikes, modern clothes, etc. It seems to be in a modern civilization accept for ……..


That is a young boy! Why? Again we see the murder of a young and defenseless person in the hands of who else…… Everyone else seems to be OK about it. What civilization is this?


Machete Wielding Motorcyclists Kill Woman with Baby

Motorcyclists wielding machetes have attacked Christians in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, leaving one dead and five injured.

Motorcyclists wielding machetes have attacked Christians in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, leaving one dead and five injured. On Thursday evening, 11 March, four men riding on two motorcycles sped through the village of Maranatha, 18 miles south of the regional capital Palu, leaving death and bloodshed in their wake. Nuci, a 40 year old mother of two, died two hours after receiving fatal injuries to her head, neck and back. A witness to the incident described how she heard the roar of the motorbikes, followed almost immediately by a baby’s screams. She ran towards the cries and found Nuci, bleeding to death and crawling towards her baby. The attackers wounded five others, who were Efrain, 30, Kanus, 30, Kalfin, 25, Pianus, 18, and Listin, 17 (many Indonesians have just one name).

The situation in the village is still tense, but no further incidents have been recorded. Hundreds of villagers are now standing on guard with machetes, spears and hand-made guns. The dead woman’s relatives have called on the police to respond decisively as they fear that this is the start of another round of anti-Christian attacks.

On Monday 15 March, five suspected members of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) were convicted on charges of terrorism in Palu District Court. Three of them, described as key local JI members, were jailed for six years, while the others received sentences of five and three years. JI has been blamed for the Bali bombings and widespread church bombings on Christmas Eve 2000.

While the district court in Palu has upheld justice, the same cannot be said concerning a recent decision in Indonesia’s Supreme Court. The court upheld an August 2002 decision to acquit five army officers of their suspected role in the massacre of 200 Christians in a church. The attack, in which three church ministers were also killed, took place in East Timor on 6 September 1999. Human Rights Watch has called on the UN to investigate the failure of the courts to reach a conviction.

Remember this three Christian ladies who are on trial? They were convicted for converting children. Can you imagine yourself being in the court room with these jihadists shouting for your death?

oh,……. and the Laskar Jihad wants to eliminate the Christians from the region.

If you are a Muslim reading this, please consider the love and mercy of Jesus Christ which is revealed in the true word of God – the Holy Bible. There will be a judgment awaiting all mankind. The only way of escape from that terrifying Day is to be clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ from His atoning sacrifice.

And if you are a Christian reading this, if you are not proclaiming Christ you are sinning. Repent and get back to the work of proclamation.

HT: AtlasShrugs for pics

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It is interesting to note that while Animal Right Activists are adamant about protecting the rights of the animals, they have no problem supporting Pro-Death. Why is it alright to defend the rights of an animal but not for a baby?

The Hard Truth

Sad Truth

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The MurderedThe Murderer

Are we going to take the nonsensical open border seriously?

So, this “hard-working” illegal immigrant is trying hard to make a living in the U.S?

More news here and here.

Not too long ago, in LA and NY




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