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•The child is voiceless and completely defenseless.

•This murder is actually legal.

•This murder is advertised publicly in almost all major cosmopolitan cities. Unlike Nazi death camps which were hidden, for the most part, abortion mills are pervasive. They operate in broad daylight in shopping centers, plazas, outdoor markets, etc.

•The same victims meaning the unborn are killed daily at ~ 3,500. They are the most persecuted people group in America. Just like gay marriage, abortion is our national sin.

•Abortion has a racist’s component that fulfills Margaret Sanger’s vision. See the Negro Project for more information. Deaths for black babies since ’73 in the U.S. is at around 17,840,730. Blacks are the biggest victims. Do black lives matter? Total deaths in U.S. since ’73 is at around 59,469,104.

•Abortion is treated like a sacred cow/respectable sin by many in the pro-life movement. How so? Perpetrators are called victims rather than murderers. We would not call a rapist, adulterer, or one who murders someone outside the womb a victim, but abortive-bound mothers, fathers, and abortionists have a free pass.

•Abortion is not prosecuted by the federal courts. In fact, many in D.C. are content with just regulating baby murder rather than abolishing it. They don’t want to disrupt the status quo. Would we be content with just regulating slavery and rape? The 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion by a 7-2 vote–six of the nine justices in the majority were Republican appointees. The only Democrat appointee, Byron White, voted against Roe v. Wade. REALITY CHECK: For the past forty years, Republican-appointed justices have been the majority over Democrat-appointed justices. They are not serious about abolishing the legalization of baby murder. This same branch SCOTUS that dehumanized blacks in the Dred Scott v. case in 1857 and legalized gay marriage for all Americans in the Obergefell v. Hodges in June 2015 case is the biggest terrorist entity in America. It has acted more like a federal brute. The States are treated as centers to feed its fat beastly immoral belly. Are the magistrates (i.e. States) going to obey their wickedness?

•The death instruments of abortionists are the biggest killers. It kills more people than guns do. The weapons are one dimensional because its sole purpose is to kill the innocent party while guns are two-dimensional in that it could be used to kill both the innocent and the guilty.

•About 18% of woman who gets an abortion, identify themselves as evangelical or born-again. If so, that means that the ~ 1.3 million abortions in a year which makes up 234,000 are performed on Christians. If you add chemical abortions, the figure would be higher.

•We are killing our own children. We have blood on our hands. If you want to stop the killing in society, you must stop the killing in your midst first. In fact, many that we encounter at the abortuaries identify themselves as believers in Christ. 1 Peter 4:17, “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” The professing evangelical church at large needs to repent. So some professing Christians believe it is okay to murder while claiming allegiance to Christ at the same time without repentance.

•The abortionist and anesthesiologist use code language during the abortion procedure to shelter them from the gruesome killing. Is number one out yet? Referring to the head. 》》》》Warning, this is a disturbing video. IT IS A MUST WATCH. MAY IT CHANGE HOW YOU VIEW BABY MURDER AND MAY IT DRIVE you to proclaim the Gospel more zealously in a fallen world. The Gospel is our only answer.

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgn-da7MAx0)

•The deception for baby murder is steep and deafening. Folks believe it is okay to abort for various immoral reasons. I believe the immoral reasons provided to justify abortion is driven by demonic forces. Don’t believe me? Visit the murder mills.

•The enemy loves to kill babies, but at the same time, he also loves to produce murderers. John 8:44, “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” ~ NASB

•A perpetrator can be guilty of double homicide for killing a pregnant woman in some states, but a woman is innocent as soon as she walks into the abortuary to get an abortion. This is insanity.

•Abortion is the gateway to other evils. Francis Schaeffer said, “If people are not made in the image of God, the pessimistic, realistic humanist is right: the human race is indeed an abnormal wart on the smooth face of a silent and meaningless universe. In this setting, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia (including the killing of mentally deranged criminals, the severely handicapped, or the elderly who are an economic burden) are completely logical. Any person can be obliterated for what society at one moment thinks of as its own social or economic good. Without the Bible and without the revelation in Christ (which is only told to us in the Bible) there is nothing to stand between us and our children and the eventual acceptance of the monstrous inhumanities of the age.” You are already seeing this now.

•This sin must be handled with great wisdom. It can be used for the greater good or greater evil. How so? Many can become ecumenical at the expense of the Gospel when fighting this sin. In other words, folks partner up with other religious groups that get the Gospel wrong. Physical lives matter, but not more important than the Gospel. We must not have unity with anything that is hostile towards the Gospel. Christians embrace the biblical Gospel, not social, prosperity, or other false gospel. No matter what evil we face, the Gospel must be the beginning and end. As evil as abortion is, the Gospel is not a means to fight one particular evil. The Gospel treats all sin and the worst sin is the rejection of Christ. So when you minister at the mills, you will find yourself ministering to Catholics, professing Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc. Let us remember that abortion is the symptom of rejecting the Gospel. Therefore the Gospel is the beginning and the end.

•The church must rise up and confront this monster. We have the supernatural tools. Intentionally evangelize and disciple during your time on this earth. Educate society on this crime from a Christian perspective.

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Here is a video along with a description below that went viral in social media. Please pray for this brother and the other co-laborers that serve at these gates of hell. This video reveals the face of abortion.

“Demonic rage in the lion’s den. Watch as the abortionist steps outside to confront me. This is my first face-to-face suspenseful encounter with this HIRED ASSASSIN. He is the babies’ worst night terror. The man is definitely under the influence of Satan. It is also sobering because it is a reminder of who we once were (Ephesians 2:1-2). Please pray fervently for his soul. If he dies in his sin without Christ (Hebrews 9:27), he will be ushered into a terrifying judgment. We love this man. We don’t want his soul tossed into eternal Hell. Would you join us in prayer for him? If the door of opportunity is granted, would you, BORN-AGAIN SERVANT of Christ, consider standing out in front of these murder mills in the near future to speak out on behalf of the voiceless and fatherless? The laborers are scarce. Life is precious. Would you be willing to “humbly,” “patiently,” and “respectfully” encourage your local church to engage in this battle? Blessings. Romans 1:16; James 1:27.”

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robert santella abortion

You might have heard about this from social media.  If you haven’t heard about it you should know that Robert Santella is a dangerous abortionist.  If you found this page because you went to a search engine to find his name then I say it is God’s providence for you to read this.  For you to be warned.  Not just warned about seeking service from him (that is important). But also about the sin of abortion if you are thinking about murdering the preborn.  Repent and turn to Jesus and do not murder your child.

Recently Crossmap reported a news story titled “‘Demonic’: Abortionist Holds Scissors Near Pro-Lifer’s Throat While Yelling in His Face.”  I have the video embedded below and as you watch this short clip ask yourself about what would happen if this was reversed and a pro-lifer did this to a pro-abortionists; we would not hear the end of it from the Left leaning media.  But since this doesn’t help with the abortionists PR imagine we understand the silence.  Watch it:

Unprofessional to say the least.  Biblically, it is evil.  It’s more than just unprofessional, its wicked to threaten someone with instruments used to murder babies.  But really if one can kill innocent babies don’t be surprised at the level of possible depravity.  Pray for his repentance and that he turns to Christ.

It has also been officially documented that for decades he has been dangerous to his patients according to sources compiled from news article and medical board documents which I will provide below in this post.  Seeing how he still remain a doctor with the state of California there seems to be much truth to the claim that the abortion industry is the least regulated sector of the medical field.


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The problem that I have with the “pro-life” movement in general is that much of it appeals to the woman as being the victim/or merely the accomplice to the crime. Rather, the mother is the transgressor who in the majority of cases, knowingly tested positive in her pregnancy test and nevertheless, storms into the abortion mill with premeditated murder. Whether the sin is done in ignorance or not, she is still morally culpable before God.  She is not a victim.  To make matters more cumbersome, some in the pro-life movement, such as Dr. Albert Mohler (http://www.albertmohler.com/2016/04/01/the-briefing-04-01-16/), who is considered a stalwart defender of Christianity,  says this shocking statement,

But here’s where the pro-life movement returns back to say, who is the guilty party in an abortion? It is the person who brings about the death of the child. The woman seeking the abortion is not without moral responsibility, but she is not herself bringing about the death of the unborn human baby. That’s the crucial issue here, and that’s why the pro-life movement has consistently sought to criminalize abortion at the level of the person performing the abortion. That is, unlike what Nicholas Kristof argues here, a morally consistent argument and it has been consistent over time.”

Really? Can an abortive mother who has malice of forethought be considered a victim and be morally responsible the same time? Morally responsible for what? when they are already deemed a victim.  His words now hold no water.  This statement from Dr. Mohler violates the law of non-contradiction.  With all due respect to Dr. Mohler, there is not a shred of evidence given from Scripture.  Simple logic obliterates this mentality. Imagine a young teenager who is desperate for money and convenience’s sake, bullies another teenager named David in school for his money. The bully bruises David and leaves cuts and scars on his face.  The next day, the bully endeavors to beat-up David again. However, he is not at school.  The bully is desperate and needs money soon.  He finds out that David is at home with an illness.  Since the bully is unable to drive, he calls some of his friends who lives in the same neighborhood to go into the home of David and rob him.  The bully promises to give them movie tickets if they enter David’s home and rob him.  Now, is the bully the victim? because he did not act out the crime? Of course, not!  Yet, that is the absurdity of the lingo used by many in the pro-life movement when mothers abort their babies.

Here is the question I have for those who think abortive mothers are victims.  When is the mother who hires the assassin, become guilty of murder?  We have the audacity to label wives and mothers as guilty of murder for hiring a hit-man to murder their husbands and children, but we dare not label mothers who storms into the abortion mill for abortive services as murderers?  Really?  If that is the case, then the word victim has no meaning at all.  We have committed fallacies and undermined biblical anthropology (Romans 3:23).  I dare some of the proponents in the pro-life movement who advocate the notion that abortive mothers are victims share that with ardent pro-choice proponents at the abortion mill.  It does more harm than good.  How so?  Take it from Kristina Harrhof:

I asked the pro-aborts in an abortion group the following: “What do you guys think of Cruz and Trump referring to those of you who have aborted as “victims”? Do you agree that that’s appropriate terminology to use for someone who is getting an abortion or who is post-abortive?”

Here were their responses:

— “No. It is not. Abortion is a choice. Not something that is inflicted upon you.” — Laura

— “No. Victims don’t have choices and don’t decide to be victims.” — Donna

— “Neither Trump not Cruz have a clue what they’re talking about. I’m not a victim. I exercised my right to choose and in return [obtained] the freedoms to pursue my American Dream. What they propose is just offensive.” — Susan

— “I emphatically disagree that it is an appropriate usage. It is a dishonest, manipulative, cowardly choice of words.” — Kurt

— “This is a long-standing tactic of theirs [to label us all “victims”]. Because of course women are too stupid to know what they’re doing.” — Evan

— “[Like] We are incapable of sound judgement.” — Cheri

— “Not unless the person was forced into it. Otherwise, they made a choice. If they feel regret, they’re not a victim, but I do feel bad for them.” — Sandra

— “‘Victim’ is only appropriate in a discussion about abortion for someone who is forced to have an abortion.” — Kristen

I then asked Kristen, “Do you think, by and large, that women are being forced to have abortions in the U.S?”

She responded,

— “No, I do not. I believe that most abortions are taking place following a very tough decision that has to be made by the woman who is pregnant. I do not believe that the majority of abortions in the US are forced. Do I believe that some pregnant women are forced to have abortions? Yes I do. Because I know men controlling enough to do things either way. But that is why I do not support the use of the word “victim” to describe just anyone who has an abortion.”

Folks, even the victims here are denying that they are victims. In fact, they find it offensive terminology. It’s not winning them over; it’s making them feel like we’re calling them “idiots.”

And frankly, as my friend Patte put it in her video, there are some who are supporting the use of this term who should know better theologically.


Paul too committed sins in ignorance with his involvement in the murder of Christians. In his ignorance, he still labeled himself a “blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor” (1 Timothy 1:12-13).  He had no excuse for his nefarious sins. Did Paul shy away from biblical labels that could offend or strike a nerve? No! Because he upheld the doctrine of love, he was incited to tell the truth.  Father of biblical counselor, Jay Adams has this to say about the significance concerning accuracy in labels:

In order to identify the cause of a problem, we need to decide whether the problem is an error, a wilful sin, or a failure to overcome a pattern.  In doing so, we must recognize that if the Bible calls a given practice a “sin,” it is wrong to call it anything else.  For instance, to call sin “sickness” or “immaturity,” or to use any of the other psychological or sociological jargon that distorts or disguises its true nature, is to lead yourself and your counselee astray.

Words, the semanticists tell us, are signs of the things they signify.  But that’s not all.  They are also signposts.  Label a sinful action or practice a “sickness,” and you have altered the situation significantly.  To call homosexual behavior “sickness” for instance, when the Bible calls it an “abomination” and “something worthy of death” is to point the homosexual in the direction of a physician for the solution to his problem.  To call it “sin” is to point him to Jesus Christ.  Labels, you see, are signposts, not merely signs; they point in the direction of a solution.  Therefore, it is very important to give marriage problems either biblical or biblically derived labels.  Other labels tell lies about problems and inevitably point to the wrong solutions.

Per Jay Adams’s words, they almost seem prophetic to this topic (not that he is a prophet). I am afraid, we have circumvented his wise counsel.  I pray that Christian leaders divert from their errors and ask Christ for forgiveness. As teachers, we will be responsible before God for every careless word we say.  Some words are minuscule in its implications and some are vast in its implication.  There is too much at stake. Thousands of babies are murdered everyday.  We need to be anchored in Scripture, not in the philosophies of the pro-life movement.  At this juncture, I can say, I am pro-life, but I feel uncomfortable being part of the pro-life movement.  There is too much toxic perspectives.  Now in this milieu, to be pro-life, needs to mean something more than trying to preserve the life of the baby. To be pro-life, is to see the nefarious crime of abortion as murder.

An ardent upholding of the inerrancy, infallibility, and sufficiency of Scripture demands that we be faithful with biblical labels despite the legal and political milieu in society. To go contrary to that is to be inconsistent and arbitrary.

Lastly, a lack of empathy towards preborn babies is due a logical fallacy that appeals to emotions rather to an objective standard. When one appeals to human emotion or political correctness, the victim who is the little image bearer is dehumanized, which inevitably fosters the perpetuation of child sacrifice.

I leave you all with a quote for further meditation concerning this issue:

For the fetus, though enclosed in the womb of its mother, is already a human being, and it is a monstrous crime to rob it of the life which it has not yet begun to enjoy. If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man’s house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light.” – John Calvin – Commentary, Exodus 21:22

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House of Horrors

Modern-day Dr. Joseph Mengele’s House of Horrors is seen in the video below. Folks, this is the reality of the idolatry of pro-choice. It is a worldview that is hostile to the teachings of God. Whether a baby is chemically or surgically murdered, murder is murder. Don’t be surprised that this man has murdered more children in a single month than all the school shootings in the history of the U.S. combined. If the man used an AR-15, the media would jump to it in a minute. But the truth is that the use of his surgical weapons that he pummels the babies with has killed more innocent people in the U.S. than a gun. That is the reality of a worldview that hates Christ.


Don’t be shocked when you are exposed from a top doctor’s claim stating, “The NHS Kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year.”

“NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday.” Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Top-doctors-chilling-claim-The…

So if you are ever pressured by doctors to have your elderly loved one killed faster, just know that we are living in a culture of death. We need more Gospel laborers in all spectrum of life–combating evil.

The sacred cow of pro-choice must be exposed for what it is. It needs to submit to the Lordship of Christ. Here is what Francis Shaeffer said over a decade ago which is now a reality. He saw it coming.

“If people are not made in the image of God, the pessimistic, realistic humanist is right: the human race is indeed an abnormal wart on the smooth face of a silent and meaningless universe. In this setting, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia (including the killing of mentally deranged criminals, the severely handicapped, or the elderly who are an economic burden) are completely logical. Any person can be obliterated for what society at one moment thinks of as its own social or economic good. Without the Bible and without the revelation in Christ (which is only told to us in the Bible) there is nothing to stand between us and our children and the eventual acceptance of the monstrous inhumanities of the age.”

Proverbs 24:11, “Those who are being taken away to death,
And those who are staggering to slaughter,
Oh hold them back.”

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Per the investigative journalism from The Center for Medical Progress, one of the Planned Parenthood mills that was involved in the illegal activity concerning the procurement of baby parts, is here in Pasadena, CA (Planned Parenthood – Pasadena Health Center
1045 N Lake Avenue). This place performs not only the abortion pill (medication abortion), but in-clinic abortions too (surgical). Here are the articles from lifesites concerning this notorious place: 1)http://www.lifenews.com/…/shock-video-catches-planned-pare…/ and 2)http://www.lifenews.com/…/shock-video-catches-planned-pare…/. It is horrifying to know that the ghoulish place we were ministering at were guilty of not only murdering babies through abortion, but guilty of selling body parts of unborn children that were victimized by abortions. They were poisoned and torn limb by limb. They were also beheaded because the calvarium (the head) garnered much blood money.

Yesterday, we arrived at this location after having done evangelism at Pasadena City College where we were able to speak to a few students near our table. While arriving at the murder mill in Pasadena, we were able to see some ladies of PP who appeared to be the officials. One seemed to give us a condescending smirk as we were preaching. I saw these cinderellas of PP outside their doors near their porch. It appears they were going to have a meeting. We made sure that we preached swiftly while we had them at sight. We wanted the Word to make contact with their conscience. Once His Words land, there is no way you can remove it. John Calvin said this regarding the conscience:

The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of a living soul.

We were able to agitate the kingdom of darkness and had the privilege of preaching God’s holy law and His precious Gospel. Please pray that the security guard, the workers, and the patients who told us to shut up and called us despicable would be converted. It was an honor to represent Christ. Many people heard His Word. People across the street, near our sidewalk and also a gentlemen who was next door to PP stood outside and listened to the message for almost the entire duration. Praise God.

Besides the dark side of this murder mill, my heart was lifted up when Jimmy  preached on the field. I have been blessed to have men like him and Luke and Russell. I hope to minister alongside these men more. As for why we preach at these murder mills, I leave this quote with you:

John Calvin, commenting on Exodus 21:22-25:

The fetus, though enclosed in the womb of its mother, is already a human being (homo), and it is almost a monstrous crime to rob it of life which it has not yet begun to enjoy. If it seems horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man’s house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light.


Also here is a sample of our time yesterday:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9K2YBnA76g

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Long day today so I got to post just now towards the night.

John Brown refute planned parenthood argument

Source: Facebook


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