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Christian apologist David Wood debates on the issue of whether Christianity promotes violence towards Non-Christian with a muslim.

Don’t forget the previous debate posted here on Veritas Domain on whether or not Islam promote violence towards Non-Muslims.





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Those who are involve with or familiar with ministry to the Muslims might be familiar with David Wood and Sam Shamoun.

They are going to Southern California for ministry during the 9/11 weekend.

Here’s a link to where you can support them financially to make this trip possible.

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This is from David Wood over at Answering Muslims.  I thought this hit it on the nail:

The conversation would be hilarious if it weren’t so frightening.

MUSLIM AMERICANS: “You non-Muslim Americans have nothing to worry about. We Muslims would never even think about imposing Sharia in the U.S.”

NON-MUSLIM AMERICANS: “Well then, you wouldn’t mind if we pass a law that will ban Sharia from being used in U.S. courts.”

MUSLIM AMERICANS: “What??? You only want American law in American courts? No Sharia? How dare you! You’re Islamophobes! You’re bigoted hate-mongers!”

NON-MUSLIM AMERICANS: “If you had no intention of bringing Sharia to the U.S., why are you opposed to us banning it?”

MUSLIM AMERICANS: “Racists! We’ll sue (to keep you from getting in the way of Sharia)!”

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Some might wonder why Veritas Domain talk a lot about Islam.

Having witnessed to Muslims (and even one member living in a  Muslim country) over the years, yes there is the need to witness to Muslims but also show what ISLAM is about for those who do not believe in it.

One cannot study the persecuted church today without running into Islam.

With the video you are about to see below, imagine if this is what a Muslim minority in the US can do, what will a majority do in America?  Will the Constitution and freedom of speech, religion and assembly still be respected?

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A video debate that was planned by ABN in June 2011.






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At minimum, the YouTube should prompt you to make some serious calls if you care about your constitutional right to share the gospel and freedom of speech

Dearborn Police Department: (313) 943-2240(general info line); 313.943.2241 (police desk)
Cheif Ronald Haddad: Phone: 313.943.2235 (office)
Mayor John B. O’Reilly: Phone: (313) 943.2300(office); e-mail: mayor@ci.dearborn.mi.us

I have called and left a voice message on Cheif Haddad’s message center.  Of course, the guy didn’t call me back.

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News: Acts 17 Ministry, which ministry to the Muslims include public debate, was arrested by police last evening on June 18th, 2010

This follows last year’s Arab Festival incident of Muslim intimidation

More information is still developing, and the cameras have been confiscated.  A blog entry has been written on their blog here and here

Triablogue’s Dusman summarizes here

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On the Iron Sharpening Iron Radio Show, David Wood of Acts 17 Ministries was on discussing about the event the Dearborn Arab Festival where there was open suppression of Christian freedom of speech

The audio MP3 of the Radio Show interview can be heard here: http://mp3.sharpens.org/20090706ISI.mp3

Please pray for those like Nabeel and David Wood and other Christians who are ministering to Muslims

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