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BBC News reports that about 70 Air Force personnel have been punished for accidentally flying cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads on the wings of a B52. Personally, I don’t really think much of the event, but as a Marine it does make me think twice about skipping procedure. The report notes that the large number of ‘procedural errors’ started with the first mistake, not bothering to check the missiles before they were loaded on the wing. Another source states,

A main reason for the error was that crews had decided not to follow a complex schedule under which the status of the missiles is tracked while they are disarmed, loaded, moved and so on, one official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record.”

I guess reading the label is important when it comes to cruise missiles. They probably look all the same. Anyways, the article ends by saying most likely if the plane crashed, there wouldn’t have been a nuclear explosion.

Checkout the Air Force’s press release for more details.

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