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If you have been noticing since last year’s Supreme Court decision concerning gay marriage, the LGBT community has proceeded to go from bad to worst.  Certain quarters of that movement have been pushing their agenda to even more extremes.

Christian apologist and debater Dr. James White have recently returned from overseas teaching theology in South Africa and England.  While in South Africa Dr. White spoke on the topic of “Scripture and the LGBT agenda” at Cape Town, South Africa.  The message was given on May 7th, 2016 and can be seen on Youtube and found below:


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Alpha Omega Ministries

The video below is a debate between Christian apologist James White debates Islamic scholar Yusuf Ismail.

It is on the topic: Is the Quran a Reliable Record of the Teachings of Muhammad?

The debate took place on October 1, 2013 in South Africa.

I appreciate Dr. White’s contribution towards apologetics dealing with Islam.


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James White

Christian apologist James White has produce a lot of good resources over the last few decades equipping believers to defending the faith and to evangelize with those who disagree with the Christian worldview.  These resources in the form of books, articles, blog entries, his Dividing Line Radio Show and his many debates.  We have blogged about some of those resources here in the past in our blog for those who are interested.

Here is a seminar over twenty years ago on Witnessing to Mormons that he presented in Arizona.  He looks so much younger but it’s the same voice and personality.


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Christian apologist James White will be debating Dan Barker tommorow (4/30/09) on the existence of God

James White has his last say before the debate here

An important element in Presupppositional Apologetic is the importance of bringing to the table that the other side is not as religious neutral as many often think

Here is a short article showing how Dan Barker is not one who is neutral and even if their is a rational demonstration of God’s existence, Barker will not believe nor submit to the Lordship of Yahweh:


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James White just debated last Saturday in Southern California with two Muslim apologist

The above is a sample clip of one of the debates with one of the Muslim apologist

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