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American Family Association

American Family Association2008 Voter Guides by State – Gives links to voter guides including:

Election Forum

2008 Election Forum – A Christian named Craig Huey, past guest speaker on the Frank Pastore show, rates California judges by their support of Constructionist view of law (i.e Believe law should be interpreted by what the writers intended), and his position on propositions.

Christian Coalition of America (updated 10/22)

Christian Coalition of America – Voter guide showing positions of Obama and McCain on national issues, mainly abortion and homosexuality.
State versions will be added at a later date.

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If you were a CEO of a company, and there’s a protest against your company’s support of an narrow, controversial political agenda, and a boycott has been employed against the company,

What would you do when there’s 11.6% drop of sales while all your competitor’s sales are increasing?


That’s Ford’s irrational support for the Homosexual agenda

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